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Security B-Sides Dallas/Fort Worth (BSidesDFW)
fostering pragmatic creativity for 14 years.

Security BSides Dallas/Fort Worth (BSidesDFW) is one of many "chapters" of the decentralized Security BSides movement.

From humble beginnings in 2009 to now in 2023 with over 860 BSides events around the world, hosted in 220 cities spanning 62 countries, BSides events are the preeminent no-to-low cost gatherings of information security professionals and enthusiasts.

Each BSides event is community-driven and thereby imparts its own flavor, making every event a unique experience. Whether it is 30 participants, 300 participants or 3000 participants the next-big-thing is there, ready to be discovered.

Parking and Shared Space

Posted by isac on 01 Nov 2023

We have been informed that there is a cycling event on-site Saturday morning. Please be mindful of any cyclists.
This is something, that as a semi-former cyclist, is dear to me. Reminder "1. Bicyclists have the rights and duties of other vehicle operators: (551.101)" aka they are no different than your car, share the road. Bike Texas
That concludes my ranty PSA.

Parking: We have been assigned Lot 95 and Lot 96. These should be on the back 40, at the end of the road.
As you enter the property turn right at the stop sign by the gate and follow the BSidesDFW yard signs.

Parking Passes are required. These will be distributed on-site. Sorry, No self-print.

MORE TRAINGINGS!!!! Second Class

Posted by isac on 26 Oct 2023

Thank you to our wonderful sponsor Dark Angel Contracting!
Do you feel luck?
Seats are limited. Tickets drop at 12:30 and 16:30 today!

Title: Cyber Threat Defense Program
Synopsis: Dark Angel Contracting provides a comprehensive Cyber Threat Defense Training Program, designed for corporations, the Department of Defense (DoD), federal and local governments, and high-net-worth individuals. We empower organizations, officers, executives, and private individuals with the tools necessary to minimize their digital footprint, enhance their cybersecurity posture, and protect sensitive and valuable Information.

  • Ubiquitous cyber threat identification and capability understanding.
  • Signals and human intelligence collection modalities with operator protection methodologies.
  • Technical hands-on device, network, software, and online best practice development.

  • Duration: 3 hours
    Prerequisites: None
    Who should attend this workshop: Everyone

    TRAINGINGS!!!! First Class

    Posted by isac on 25 Oct 2023

    Thank you to our wonderful sponsor Critical Start / @CRITICALSTART!
    Strap in as they bring you the ultimate incident crash course.
    Seats are limited. Tickets drop at 12:30 and 16:30 today!

    Title: Incident Readiness Training
    Synopsis: During an investigation every second matters, early action can return business operations to normal faster. This training covers which evidence to gather first, evidence collection procedures, and evidence handling techniques.

  • Identify basic do's and don'ts of evidence handling
  • Describe how and what evidence should be collected
  • Discuss evidence handling procedures
  • How best to preserve evidence for a successful investigation resulting in faster eradication and remediation

  • Duration: 2 hours
    Prerequisites: None
    Who should attend this workshop: Help desk, systems and network administrators, incident responders, policy and process creators, blue teamers. come one and come all.

    Schedule - Almost Final

    Posted by isac on 23 Oct 2023 || updated 02 Nov 2023

    As always schedule may change at any moment.
    See also BsidesDFW2023 Wiki
    Full talk descriptions and speaker bios, posted here.

      08:00 -- Registration
      09:00 -- Opening Ceremony
      16:30 -- Closing Ceremony


    Posted by isac on 16 Oct 2023

    Get a sneak peak of the schedule over on the wiki.
    Schedule is not final and as usual can change at anytime.
    BsidesDFW2023 Wiki


    Posted by isac on 16 Oct 2023

    Pre-Registration is officially open.
    Reserve your spot to join in the shenanigans, 04 Nov 2023 at #UNT #DiscoveryPark for #BSidesDFW2023.
    3 speaker tracks
    hands-on villages
    training classes (limited seats separate reg to be posted)
    and more
    BsidesDFW2023 EventBrite


    Posted by isac on 26 Sep 2023

    Westside dislikes it when we settle down in the east.
    Eastside hates it when we nestle in the the west.
    This year we are hedging our bets and going straight up the middle.

    Big shout out to Angus, Dr. Tunc, and the whole team at UNT.
    We are excited to be partnering with UNT and looking forward to sharing Discovery Park with all of you.
    BSidesDFW 2023
    04 Nov 2023
    at Universirty of North Texas Discovery Park.
    3940 N. Elm ST, Denton, TX 76207

    Call For Papers (CFP) is OPEN!

    Posted by isac on 18 Aug 2023

    Welcome back from summer camp fellow hackers. Your next mission should you choose to accept it.
    BSidesDFW 2023 CFP Form

    You have slightly more than 42 days to submit your talk/presentation.
    Deadline for submissions: Midnight, 24:00 hours CDT 28 Sep 2023

    Is This Thing On?

    Posted by isac on 27 Jul 2023

    Yes, we are alive.
    Yes, BSidesDFW 2023 is happening.
    Yes, we are having technical difficulties.
    We can not tell you much at this time. However, we can tell you that we are progressing.
    We hope to have a venue announcement soon, and this is critical to scoping everything else that can possibly happen.
    We thank you for your pateince and understanding.
    So as many of you embark upon the high desert for hacker summer camp, ask yourself "what can I unleash at BSidesDFW?".
    We look forward to seeing you all in Nov.

    Code of Conduct (CoC)

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    Behave yourselves!

    Security BSides Dallas - Fort Worth was founded to facilitate the exchange of information and the development of relationships. We welcome and encourage the expression and debate of ideas. We also recognize that we do not have to agree in order to listen to, and/or understand, a given point of view. However, there is a language and a behaviour that is appropriate and expected in achieving that discourse.

    Harassment and/or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.
    Any participant that experiences and/or witnesses inappropriate behaviour is expected to report said behaviour to event staff.
    Any participant that experiences and/or witnesses inappropriate behaviour is encouraged to ask the offending individual to stop.
    Any participant asked to stop a behaviour is expected to comply immediately.

    Event organizers reserve the right to respond to observed and/or reported behaviour in a manner deemed appropriate, including but not limited to expulsion without refund and referral to the relevant authorities.

    It is our goal to ensure that the event is welcoming, enjoyable, and safe for all participants.
    Be exemplary for each other. See something, say something.