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BSidesDFW 2017

12 Jun 2017 - CFP is open!

CFP is officially open for the next 95 days and 17 hours. Instructions are simple, complete the form and email it to the specified address.

We look forward to seeing your great ideas. Happy submitting.

01 Jun 2017 - It is offical!

It is with much anticipation we formally announce BSidesDFW 2017!

We are extremely pleased and happy that SMU Information Security is again championing this event. We look forward to the rest of our 2017 planning with this wonderful team.

Official date is once again the first Saturday in November, 04 Nov 2017. We will be returning to the SMU-in-Plano campus.

CFP will be opening shortly. Villages and additional activities will be announced as they are solidified.

We are actively accepting sponsorship. If you represent an entity that would like to contribute and give back to the infosec community please contact us. If you know someone that may be interested in sponsoring please share the information. BsidesDFW 2017 Sponsorship Kit is available on Google Drive at

If you have an idea for a village or competition that would would like to host, let us know.

As always please give a thank you to our sponsors.
Follow us for more information here or at:
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twitter: @BSidesDFW

Specific questions can be directed to bsidesdfw[at]gmail[dot]com

04 Apr 2017 - Time to make the BSides

So it begins. Like the wily ground hog we emerge from our wintry slumber and assess the land and season...
Talks are underway with the venue.
Chatter of anxious sponsors is simmering on the edge of radar.

BSidesDFW 2016

Registration is Live!

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