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BSidesDFW 2022 Presentation Schedule

Posted by isac on 19 Oct 2022

insert catch phrase about the rest of the story...
As always schedule exact times, order, frequency, position, etc. of the talks are subject to change.
Note there is no scheduled lunch break. There will be food on-site for severa; hours (more on that later) so plan strategically.

Full talk descriptions and speaker bios, posted here.

    08:00 -- Registration
    09:00 -- Opening Ceremony
    17:30 -- Closing Ceremony

BSidesDFW 2022 Training Day, The Real Deal

Posted by isac on 17 Oct 2022

We have the trainings!
It is with great honor and privelege that we can present to you, the following sessions:

Threat Modeling for Everyone by @Ell_o_Punk / Sponsored by Grimm Cyber / @GRIMMCyber
Threat modeling is a critical aspect of secure application development and a major part of the DevOps methodology's "Plan" phase. This course will familiarize individuals with the predominant Threat modeling frameworks using hands-on activities in order to drive home the importance of performing Threat Modeling very early in the DevOps process, allowing teams to avoid costly patching or even redevelopment later in an application's life cycle.

Python Code Reading by @count3rmeasure
Reading computer languages, "code", is different than reading traditional written languages and different from writing the code originally. Ask any developer to review their own work from a year before. This class attempts to empower the student to better find specific pieces of code, navigate large codebases, and enable then to contextualize the code they are reading in medium to large code bases.

Introduction to Kali Linux by Madhat / @unspecific
A fast paced introduction to the Linux operating system. Learn to understand how Linux environments are most commonly set up. Learn how to use the command line to explore the system, manipulate files, install/upgrade applications, and more.

Introduction to Nmap by Madhat / @unspecific
Have you heard of Nmap but don't really know where to start? Maybe you have run a few scans but don't feel like you know what you are doing? Have you been told Nmap is the tool you need, but you don't understand how or why?
Introduction to Nmap is here to help you. We will start from the installation, to the first run of Nmap, to more complex scans, output, fingerprinting, Nmap scripts, and more.

Exploring Wireless Networks with Wireshark by Madhat / @unspecific
This introduction to Wireshark, the powerful protocol analyzer, will explain the the basics of the User Interface (UI), then work on a real time example of monitoring a WiFi network, including decrypting the packets.
This class will also utilize a few command line tools, such as airmon-ng and airodump-ng. If you do not have a WiFi card that can be used in monitor mode, you will still be able to follow along via a packet capture provided.

Training seats are limited, please refund your training ticket if you are unable to commit the time.
As a reminder training day is on Friday 04 Nov 2022. That is the day before the main conference.

BSidesDFW 2022 Training Day Teaser

Posted by isac on 12 Oct 2022

It all started in SATX, the question was raised.
Meanwhile way up north, things were stirring at DHA.
Now we are pleased to present to you, Training Day.
Okay, present was a strong word, but we have multiple classes. Details coming very soon.

A BIG Thanks to All Our Sponosrs

Posted by isac on 11 Oct 2022

We simply cannot do this with out assisstance.
We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support.
Check out their websites and social media sites, and be sure to talk to them at the event.
SC&H Ranch
Cortex by Palo Alto Networks
Trinity Industries
No Starch Press
Binary Defense
Fluency Security
Grimm Cyber

SC&H NoStarch
Cortex Trinity
Elastic Fluency
Grimm Accelerynt

BSidesDFW 2022 Pre-Registration is Open!

Posted by isac on 10 Oct 2022

For 2022 we are releaseing tickets in batches each Monday.
EventBrite - BSidesDFW 2022

** As always pre-registration ensures that you get in and have access to "the cool" badge and a shirt (sizes may vary) however, it is not required to participate. (Unclaimed pre-registrations will be released to the public during the first talk. So get there early.)
** Be Kind Rewind. If you cannot make it please use the site to refund your ticket. Unclaimed tickets will be released to the public during the first talk.

BSidesDFW 2022 Now with a Venue!

Posted by isac on 30 Aug 2022

For 2022 we are returning to the west side. But wait there is more.
We are also trying something new and moving to a hotel.
Join us at the Quality Inn Fort Worth - Downtown East, 2000 Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76103
We will have 5 rooms with over 4500 sq ft of nerdy i/o goodness.

Call-For_Papers(CFP) is Open!

Posted by isac on 15 Aug 2022

CFP is now open until 26 Sep 2022.
Just complete and email the CFP Submission Form to us.
We eagerly await what you have to share with us.

Sponsorship Kit is Live!

Posted by isac on 18 Jul 2022

Sponsorship Kit is now available in two versions.
The Full Version with history and background ideal for those that are new to the Security BSides arena.
The Quick Version which gets straight to the tiers for those that are already familiar with Security BSides.
We greately appreciate all of the organizations, entitiies, and individuals that support BSIdesDFW. We can not do this with out you.

What Time Is It?

Posted by isac on 03 May 2022

Holy Moley, is it really May already?!
It is that time of year to dust off the gear and start getting ready for the next event.
All things are pointing to a physical offering with a virtual option this year. As always, on the first Saturday of November.
That is 05 Nov 2022.

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