BSidesDFW 2021

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Security B-Sides Dallas/Fort Worth (BSidesDFW) turns 12.
It is our last year to be a tween.
It is a year for transcending conflict and expressing creativity.

Schedule Released

Posted by isac on 20 Oct 2021

All the good stuff.
Times are CDT

Saturday 06 Nov 2021
Track One (1)
Track Two (2)
Secure Code Warrior Tournament
Hardware Hacking Village
0800 or Whenever -- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In
08:30 -- Opening Remarks
-- Opening Remarks
-- Opening Remarks
-- Opening Remarks
09:00 "Confessions of a Shitty SysAdmin"
-- @R41nM4kr
"Protecting the penguin! Linux security as amour!"
-- @001bordam
HHV Live Q&A with @Alt_Bier
10:00 "Information Applications of Lessons Learned from the Weapons from the Stone, Bronze, & Iron Ages"
-- @jacenrkohler
"PowerShell's Return to Power"
-- Dahvid Schloss
Secure Code Warrior Tournament Registration HHV Live Q&A cont.
11:00 "Can Cryptocurrency Replace the US Dollar?"
-- @KennethGeers
"First Contact with Container Security"
-- @Ell_o_Punk
Tournament cont. -- break
12:00 "The Cognitive Stairways of Analysis"
-- @threathuntergrl
"Automated Triage Collection at Scale in the AWS Cloud"
-- @tracer_tick
Tournament cont. HHV Live Q&A with @Alt_Bier
13:00 "Target Acquired"
-- @cr00ster>
"Credential Compromise: Well what Now?"
-- @naterang
Tournament cont. HHV Live Q&A cont.
14:00 "Hack Your Dog: Dog Training, Communication When There is No Common Language, And applications in Cyber/Information Security"
-- @jacenrkohler
"Hashcat and Survivorship Bias: Cracking uncommon passwords"
-- @rhodejo
Tournament cont. -- break
15:00 "Just Because It's Crazy Doesn't Make It Wrong - Bringing Your Hacker POV to the Election Hack Discourse"
-- @CrazyOldWoman3
"HTTP and De-Sync Attacks"
-- @nopantrootdance
Tournament cont. -- break
16:00 "Actionable Personal/Home Security for Everyone and Their Family"
-- @vvanitydevil
-- @WhiskeyNeon
Tournament cont. -- break
17:00 -- Closing -- Closing -- Closing -- Winners Reveal

Sponsor Welcome!

Posted by isac on 02 Oct 2021

Secure Code Warrior
Huge Thanks and a welcome to the BSidesDFW family goes out to Secure Code Warrior!
Join in and test your secure coding skills for fun and prizes in the on-line tournament.
06 Nov 2021 at #BSidesDFW2021
Tournament Registration

Secure Code Warrior Tournament + BSides DFW
When: November 6th 2021, 10:00 - 17:00 CDT
Secure Code Warrior brings you a defensive security-based tournament from a developer's perspective. The tournament allows you to test your skill against the other participants in a series of vulnerable code challenges that ask you to identify a problem, locate insecure code, and fix a vulnerability. You don't need extensive programming knowledge as this will be a great way to learn the foundations and intermediates of leveraging code that is not only functional but is also secure.

The tournament is run virtually so you can join through your laptop from the most convenient location and time. It should take only a few hours, drop-in as you see fit during the duration of the event to complete all the challenges and win prizes!

Tournament step-by-step guide here:
Instructions for playing:
1) Register for the Secure Code Warrior platform.
2) Check your email for the confirmation and access the unique link to create your profile.
3) Once logged in: click "Tournaments"
4) Join the BSides DFW Secure Coding Tournament

The Secure Code Warrior platform will be open before and after the tournament, so feel free to practice in the "Training" tab.
Monitor the live leaderboard to see how you're performing!


BSidesDFW 2021 CFP is Closed

Posted by isac on 27 Sep 2021

Call-For-Papers is now closed
Big thank you to everyone that sent in a submission for the #BSidesDFW2021 CFP.
This whole thing would be sort of pointless without your input and willingness to share.
Stay tuned for notifications soon.

BSidesDFW 2021 Goes Virtual

Posted by isac on 13 Sep 2021

Pop Goes The Virtual!
After much deliberation and debate. We have made the decision to roll back our hybrid plans and move forward in full virtual mode.
So with that, We look forward to seeing you on-line, Saturday 06 Nov 2021 CDT.
Stay safe y'all.

BSidesDFW 2021 CFP is Open!

Posted by isac on 05 Jul 2021

Call-for-Papers is now open!
BSidesDFW is accepting CFP submissions for the next 12 weeks.
Submission form is over there -->
We look forward to your brilliance.

BSidesDFW 2021

Posted by isac on 18 Apr 2021

We don't know what we are doing.
We don't know how we are doing it.
We don't know where we are doing it.
However we do know we will be doing it on 06 Nov 2021.

Code of Conduct (CoC)

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Behave yourselves!

Security BSides Dallas - Fort Worth was founded to facilitate the exchange of information and the development of relationships. We welcome and encourage the expression and debate of ideas. We also recognize that we do not have to agree in order to listen to, and/or understand, a given point of view. However, there is a language and a behaviour that is appropriate and expected in achieving that discourse.

Harassment and/or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.
Any participant that experiences and/or witnesses inappropriate behaviour is expected to report said behaviour to event staff.
Any participant that experiences and/or witnesses inappropriate behaviour is encouraged to ask the offending individual to stop.
Any participant asked to stop a behaviour is expected to comply immediately.

Event organizers reserve the right to respond to observed and/or reported behaviour in a manner deemed appropriate, including but not limited to expulsion without refund and referral to the relevant authorities.

It is our goal to ensure that the event is welcoming, enjoyable, and safe for all participants.
Be exemplary for each other. See something, say something.