BSidesDFW 2020

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Security B-Sides Dallas/Fort Worth (BSidesDFW) is back for its 11th year, sort of...
Due to all things that are the homerically stupendous dumpster fire of 2020 we are officially going virtual.


Posted by isac on 07 Nov 2020

This is the link you are looking for, BSidesDFW Discord.
Get connected, and get ready for the show.
Be sure to read the first two sections of the Discord server. Access to each section is self service role based.
See you on-line.

Prevade CTF Link Dropped

Posted by isac on 06 Nov 2020

Want to test your chops, jump in here, Prevade Cybersecurity CTF

Presentation Abstracts and Speaker Bios

Posted by isac on 03 Nov 2020

Want to know more than just a title?! Hope on over here to see the presentation abstracts.

Hardware Hacking Village Content Dropped

Posted by isac on 03 Nov 2020

Hardware Hacking Village videos and content are now available. Check out 7.5 hours of soldering and hardware goodness.

Hardware Hacking Village 2020 syllabus
View the videos at the alt_bier_hacker channel.

Schedule Released

Posted by isac on 02 Nov 2020

The joys of learning a new process.
It took some time and it presented its own challenges, but...
Thank you to all the speakers for thier flexibility. Thanks to RedSand for letting us invade.
Unless somthing changes, this is the schedule you can expect.

Saturday 07 Nov 2020 Track One (1) Track Two (2) WorkShop Hardware Hacking Village
0800 or Whenever -- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In
930 -- Opening Remarks -- Opening Remarks -- Opening Remarks -- Opening Remarks
1000 "Your Phone Hates You"
-- Mark Loveless @simplenomad
"Managing Misfits: Lessons Learned from a decade leading a penetration testing team."
-- Krissy Safi
-- Nick Britton @nerbies
Network Penetration Testing Workshop "Pwning Networks: An Introduction to Network Pentesting Workshop"
In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to detect and exploit vulnerabilities using automated and manual techniques against Windows and Linux operating systems.
HHV Live Q&A with @Alt_Bier
1100 "Dissecting and Comparing different Binaries to Malware Analysis"
-- Filipi Pires @FilipiPires
"Chasing a red team from the dressing room into the cloud"
-- Tyler Fornes @tfornez
Network Penetration Testing Workshop, cont.
@PhillipWylie of The Pwn School Project delivered via Pentester Academy Access to the workshop uses Google for authentication.
HHV Live Q&A cont.
1200 "Threat Hunting: Where Evil Hides"
-- Amberlee Reynolds< @threatymology
"A Drop of Jupyter: A Modular Approach to Penetration Testing"
-- Omar Bheda @obheda12
-- Nate Kirk @naterang
-- Cody Ruscigno
-- x -- break
1300 "Automating Threat Hunting on the Dark Web and other nitty-gritty things"
-- Apurv Singh Gautam @ASG_Sc0rpi0n
"Who's Driving This Thing?  Hacking AI"
-- pesto @Pestopublic
-- x HHV Live Q&A with @Alt_Bier
1400 "I broke in, now what? Linux manual privilege escalation 101."
-- Melina Phillips linkedin melinaphillips-cissp
"Modern Web Application Vulnerabilities (on the perimeter right now)"
-- Cary Hooper @nopantrootdance
-- x HHV Live Q&A cont.
1500 "What the DLL is happening?  A practical approach to identifying SOH."
-- Frank McClain
"Hey I Hacked Your Skimmer"
-- Caleb Davis
-- Zain Husain
-- x -- break
1600 -- Closing -- Closing -- CLosing -- Winners Reveal

Network Penetration Testing Workshop Details Released

Posted by isac on 12 Oct 2020

Join @PhillipWylie as he shows you how to sharpen your pentest skills with this two hour workshop, Pwning Networks (eventbrite).
The lab environment is provided by Pentester Acdemy and uses Google for authentication.

Hardware Hacking Village Details Released

Posted by isac on 11 Oct 2020

For the latest and greatest information on the Hardware Hacking Village, you might want to check out this twitter thread directly

Check out what is included in the kits in this YouTube Video. Big ups to @alt_bier for bringing us these great kits and content.

Official Sponsors Announcement

Posted by isac on 05 Oct 2020

2020 has been nothing but unfamiliar. So to was this year's sponosor process. Right as we were hitting our stride with this event planning thing, moving to a virtual platform left us with new questions and concerns. We did not feel right persuing the traditional solicitation of funds in an already crowded field with an arugably already limited benefit model.

Keep in mind we have never, nor will ever directly provide participant information to vendors. Each year we attempt to impress upon the corporate leadership the less tangible benefits of supporting organizations and events such as BSides. It is a sad but frequenlty observed, albeit slowly changing, trait that corporate marketing departments must see a measurable RoI in terms of dollars. And that feeling only got worse as we started estimating the radical change in cost as we shift from a physical to virtual event.

As such, we communicated with very few potenial sponosrs for 2020, and focused on interactive events for the participant. Bear in mind that these companies and organizations are taking a calculated risk to help continue this free conference for, and by, the community. A visit to their links and an honest view of their information will benefit everyone involved and, hopefully, turn more minds toward the benefits of supporting events such as ours.

Please give a huge welcome to our BSidesDFW 2020 Sponosrs!

Point3 Security Inc. will be hosting an intermediate to advanced CTF, based on their Escalate platform.
Registration link Point3 Security CTF (bitly)

Pentester Acdemy and The Pwn School Project will be hosting a Network Pentration Testing Workshop
Registration: Pwning Networks (eventbrite)

Prevade Cybersecurity LLC will be hosting a CTF
Registration: Prevade Cybersecurity CTF

alt_bier will be hosting the Hardware Hacking Village
Registration: HHV Kit Sign Up Form

Hacking Is Not A Crime

CFP is now Closed / Votes are in...

Posted by isac on 28 Sep 2020

Thanks to everyone that submitted a paper for consideration.
We had a lot of quality presntations to choose from and we hope you enjoy the results.

Notifications will be going out soon and we look forward to posting the fibnal schedule.

And now for something completely different...

Posted by isac on 26 Jul 2020

Working on a new website
CFP is now open!

Code of Conduct (CoC)

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Behave yourselves!

Security BSides Dallas - Fort Worth was founded to facilitate the exchange of information and the development of relationships. We welcome and encourage the expression and debate of ideas. We also recognize that we do not have to agree in order to listen to, and/or understand, a given point of view. However, there is a language and a behaviour that is appropriate and expected in achieving that discourse.

Harassment and/or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.
Any participant that experiences and/or witnesses inappropriate behaviour is expected to report said behaviour to event staff.
Any participant that experiences and/or witnesses inappropriate behaviour is encouraged to ask the offending individual to stop.
Any participant asked to stop a behaviour is expected to comply immediately.

Event organizers reserve the right to respond to observed and/or reported behaviour in a manner deemed appropriate, including but not limited to expulsion without refund and referral to the relevant authorities.

It is our goal to ensure that the event is welcoming, enjoyable, and safe for all participants.
Be exemplary for each other. See something, say something.